Tuesday, April 9, 2013

みんなの日本語中級 II 本冊

After much anticipation, "Minna no Nihongo Chuukyuu II (for Upper-Intermediate level)" is finally available for you. We understand many of you have successfully completed "Minna no Nihono Shokyuu and Chuukyuu I" and have been waiting patiently for this "Chuukyuu II" to become available. "Minna no Nihongo" is one of the most popular Japanese language textbooks for classrooms and individuals across the world. The text covers a whole spectrum of lessons, from reading and writing lessons to essential grammar and of course listening and speaking. This "Chuukyuu II" is for upper-intermediate learners.
There are 12 lessons, and each contains the following:
-Grammatical points and exercises
-Speaking and Listening
-Reading and Writing
-Drills and Practice

In the Reading and Writing sections utilize many types of reading material, including newspaper articles, essays, novels, and letters of request. The volume also helps learners comprehend the writer’s intentions, writing style, and distinctive use of language.
Chuukyuu I included conversations about negotiations and day-to-day problems. In Chuukyuu II, conversations are taken to the next step with the learner now studying how to praise, console and show empathy in conversational situations. The book also teaches how to express opinions in many day to day situations.
The 12 chapters in the book cover all grammar needed to be fluent at the intermediate level. Grammatical items and example sentences necessary for continuing on to the advanced level are also included.

Links download included 本冊 PDF (without 索引), 2 AudioCDs, 解答 and
Translation & Grammatical Notes
みんなの日本語中級 II 本冊 :
みんなの日本語中級 II 解答 :
みんな 中級 II - Translation & Grammatical Notes :


1. Full folder:
- Mediafire : Click here
- Fshare : Click here
2. Parts by parts :
- みんなの日本語中級 II 本冊 : Mediafire | Mega | Fshare
- みんなの日本語中級 II Audio CDs : Mediafire | Fshare | Mega
- みんなの日本語中級 II 本冊 解答 : Fshare | Mega
- みんなの日本語中級 II 本冊 Translation & Grammatical Notes : Click here


Do you have the Chuukyuu II translation and grammatical notes ? Would very much appreciate if you could share

「みんなの日本語中級 II 翻訳・文法解説 スペイン語版」が ありますか

Password ???????

mnn chukyu 2 translation rar cant be opened. fix it please. thanks

Do you have tobira gateway to advanced japanese, authentic jap progressing to advanced, and j501 chukyu?

the link for みんなの日本語中級 II 解答 isn't working...

“みんなの日本語中級 II 本冊 解答” hasn't p,44~p,48.
where i can find it!?

I can't oped the pdf File it has an error

i can 't not open the pdf file too

Minna no Nihongo Shokyuu I & II also have video for the 50 Lesson.
Does the Minna no Nihongo ChuuKyuu also has video or not?

Hi, the Chuukyuu II translation and grammatical notes PDF is not working. Could you please reload it? Thanks!!

It's still ok. Try it later huh.
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Hi, pages 34 to 37 are missing from the みんなの日本語中級 II 本冊 解答 pdf file, would you please be able to upload the missing pages too?
Thank you so much!

Pages 44 to 47 are missing from みんなの日本語中級 II 本冊 解答 too, can someone please help to upload them please? Thanks!

Hello, thank you very much for sharing this helpful infomation; by the way, do you have Translation & Grammatical Notes in "CHINESE" version?
みんなの日本語 中級〈2〉翻訳・文法解説 中国語版 

Thank you so much!

Hi, do you have chuukyu workbook? thank you!!

Thanks for uploading! But sadly, cannot open the JML.Minna.Chuukyuu.II_-Translation&Grammatical_Notes

For what JLPT level is this? Please respond!

I also can't open the translation & grammatical notes u.u... But everything else has been wonderful, thank you so so much!!! :) :) :) :D

Eheeeee!! After so much looking and looking, I was able to get the translation & grammatical notes intermediate ii ^__^ Actually, for some reason, with me the pdf here also didn't open in preview or some other programs, yet somehow it opened on the browser when I dragged it over a new tab... So it worked that way for me!

Also, later on I used the website online2pdf, and converted that file into a pdf... (even if it was already in pdf... Just like, reconverted it or something..), and after it getting uploaded there, then downloaded their converted version and tada! It worked! Now I also can open it with preview and the other usual pdf readers :)

Hope it helps others too! WOohoo! I am delighted!!

Thank you, Japan, My love <3

do anyone have minna no nihongo chukyuu 2 workbook? thx in advance

This book is wonderful thanks

I want to have chuukyu 1 answer book

Probably level 3-4? We used minna no nihongo shokyuu 1 and 2 in preparing for N4